College Practice Plan: The Spreadsheet

Here’s a screenshot of the spreadsheet I’ve been using for the College Practice Plan, as outlined by YouTuber Scratch Golf. My version is one I created in Apple Numbers, and put on the icloud, so I could share it between my laptop and iPhone. Scratch Golf has a version on Google Docs that you can download:  It’s nice to be able to update my progress via cellphone right there at the driving range, and then review it later that night at home on the larger screen.

For the week of April 29 – May 5, I only tried four drills. I fell short of the putting drills’ stated goals, so I marked those cells in orange to indicate I tried it, and I put in a number to show how many successful attempts I had made. For the drills I fully and successfully completed, I marked “Yes” and colored the cell green.

On the Irons drills, for the 9-iron for example, the drill states to hit 30 balls using “6 trajectories”. Those trajectories are: straight shot, high fade, low fade, high draw, low draw, and low straight shot, or “stinger”.  I only attempted to hit straight shots because I am a high handicapper. One of my goals this summer – and this is something this practice plan can help me with – is to develop a high fade with my mid-irons, and to generally understand the mechanics of draw and fade better.

I will be blogging about each of these drills in the coming weeks as I get a chance to try them, but for now, I just wanted to share this spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet for use with the College Practice Plan

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